The Academic and Student Affairs Administration Form, can be downloaded according to the link below:

Certificate / Application / Introduction:

Formulir Pengabdian Mahasiswa Kepada Masyarakat (PMKM)

Formulir PMKM


KRS Repair Form

Old Student Transition Conversion Form

Transfer Schedule Form

Application Form to Change Study Program

Formulir Permohonan Cuti Kuliah

Active Lecture Application Form

Transfer Student Form

Dropout Application Form

Thesis Pre Seminar & PKTI

Title Submission Form

TA / TPK Thesis Proposal Improvement Suggestion Form

Proposal Seminar Minutes Form

TA / TPK Thesis Consultation Form

Non-Thesis Session Registration Form

PKTI Session Registration Form

Ta / TPK Thesis Session Registration Form

Thesis Session Registration Form

Special Track TPK Session Registration Form

Academic Administration Free Information Form (non-thesis)

Academic Administration Free Information Form

Ta / TPK Thesis Examination Minutes Form

PKTI Application Form

TA Examiner Lecturer Assessment Form Thesis TPK

TA / TPK Thesis Suggestion Form Recommendation

Revised Certificate Form

Formulir Konsultasi Skripsi TA-TPK


Judicium Registration Form

Graduation Registration Form
Download  or on the following link:

Bachelor's Certificates Taking Form

Corrective and Preventive Action Form


Scholarship form