Currently the STIMATA library has 3655 book collections in both IT and non-IT fields, 79 national journals, 10 international journals, 164 magazine collections and 566 tabloid collections. In addition, the library also provides online-based collections. If you want to become a member of the library (It's Free), click on: and Android application Digilib STIMATA


Providing services, compiling libraries and access to information for the STIMATA Academic Community to support the implementation of the tridharma of higher education, and achieving a knowledge-based Indonesian society.


  • Become a technology-based library by providing readers with ease in finding books or journals etc.
  • Prominent in the Level of Malang Raya as a library based on the Tridharma of Higher Education

Latest Book Title Update in 2020:

S1 Study Program - Information Technology

1. Prototype Home Door Lock Security System With E-Ktp Using Rfid-Rc522 And Arduino Uno

2. Closing the Winbox Mikrotik Security Gap Using Port Knocking

3. Vehicle Calculation And Classification Using Gaussian Mixture Model (Gmm) And K-Mens

S1 Study Program - Information Systems

1. Evaluation of IT Governance Implementation Using Combit Framework 4.1 Domain Deliver And Support (Ds) And Monitor And Evaluate (Me) At Bkpsdm Malang City

2. Fire Mocking Implementation Using Mockoon as a Medium of Work Efficiency for Frontend Developers in Biller Integration Applications

3. Data mining uses the Naive Bayes Algorithm to Classify the Nutritional Status of Toddlers at the Sisir Health Center, Batu City

D3 Study Program - Information Systems

1. Application for filing leave at the National Narcotics Agency of Blitar Regency based on Android

2. Website-Based Personnel Application at Al-Hidayah Madrasah Tsanawiyah (Mts / SMP) Batu City

3. Website-Based Information System for New Student Admissions at STMIK PPKIA Pradnya Paramita Malang