The history of STIMATA begins with the Academic Information and Computer Management Academic (AMIK) American Indonesian Computer Education Center (PPKIA) Malang which has been established since 1996. At that time AMIK PPKIA Malang organized the D3 Informatics Management Program.

Then in 2000, AMIK PPKIA Malang, which is managed by the Bina Citra Muda Malang Foundation, changed it's status to a high school and is managed by the Pradnya Paramitha Foundation. The high school is called the School of Informatics and Computer Management (STMIK) Pradnya Paramita.

STMIK Pradnya Paramita officially operates through the Decree of the Minister of National Education number: 114D / O / 2000 dated 26 July 2000, regarding the establishment of STMIK Pradnya Paramita and the integration of the Academy of Informatics and Computer Management (AMIK) PPKIA into STMIK Pradnya Paramita Starting in 2000, STMIK Pradnya Paramita who was briefly STIMATA organizes D3 Information Management, S1 Informatics Systems and S1 Informatics Engineering.